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Real Name : Unknown

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Nationality: Japanese

Age: Approximately. 316

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 130 lbs

Main Color: Black

Personality and Background: Mirage's basic background remains a mystery.  She rarely ever speaks of her past, which continues to make her a rather mysterious individual.  Mirage is very attractive, almost in a very inhuman way, but she doesn't like to flaunt it, and her beauty is linked very delicately to her past.  The only hints of her tightly guarded history is shown in her dreams, in a series of enigmatic images and phrases.  Mirage is unnaturally strong, and very lithe, and holds a high belt in at least seven different forms of martial arts.  She is ruthless when she fights,   even though it is very rare that she will enter a battle.  As for the way she reacts to the world, the only expression one can recognize would be a stolid placidity.  Mirage cares not to show but only the most basic of monotone emotions, and it is extremely rare that she will smile.  She holds no real concern for those around her, save Aya and Poe, whom she has been traveling with for centuries. 



Real Name : Chibi

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Nationality: English

Age: 21


Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 110 lbs

Main Color: Pastel

Personality and Background: Chibi woke up in the center of a crater where her old home in Ipswich, England had been for centuries. Curled up next to her was the Ney'ko Kimi, a creature of unknown origin.  Chibi had no memory of what had happened, only the lingering feeling that she had done something terrible.  Despite her amnesia, Chibi is very kind and loving, and is willing to anything to get people to smile.  Here attitude is always very positive, and she is almost a personified version of Innocence.  But just as every person has two different aspects of their personalities that clash, so does Chibi.  As a host for both the personification of Hope and Destruction, Chibi is a constantly mudded soul, internally battling the aspects of both her parasites, which submerge in the most dire of circumstances.  Despite all her internal fights, Chibi still remains the happy-go lucky character of the group, and perhaps the only thing left to give them hope.  Chibi also occasionally wears glasses, though she only needs them to read.


Ney'ko Kimi

Real Name : Ney'ko Kimi

Eyes: Black

Fur: Varies

Nationality: Animal

Age: ?

Height: 2' at head

Weight: 12 lbs

Main Color: Varies

Personality and Background:  The Ney'ko Kimi's past is even more elusive then Mirage's and Chibi's.  Actually, it's non-existent.  All that's known about the curious, fox-like little creature is that it's devotion to Chibi is eternal and unconditional.  It shows an exception degree of intelligence for being an animal, and it's expression tends to mimic that of Chibi's, it's moods the same.  The Ney'ko Kimi, even though it has wings, does not have the ability to fly, and seems to have a heavy fear of heights.  There are very many theories to what she eats, or if she even eats at all,, no one really seems to know for sure.  The Ney'ko Kimi's most curious trait however, is her fox-like ability to get out of *anywhere* she is trapped.  Be it a cage, or a cardboard box, she always seems to find her way outside of it.  Her worse traits, however, come out when she is separated from Chibi, in which she hits the extreames of emotion, from depression to rage.  The only reason the Ney'ko Kimi seems to live for is Chibi.



Real Name : Aya Oomaki

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black-Violet

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 425

Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 87 lbs

Main Color: Purple

Personality and Background: Aya was born a little under four hundred years after her brother, and was practically raised by him when their mother and father were killed when she was the equivalent of seven.  In return, she idolized her brother, and was as protective over him as he over her.  She in turn, shares the same amount of love for Mirage, who is her "sister" and her "Master."  Aya's sweet voice is typical of most Japanese girls, and she has the appearance of a sixteen-year-old.  Her accent is very heavy, and she never grasped the full understanding of the English language.  Her main expression is always that of calm happiness, and she rarely strays from the ideal of "finding hope in everything" unless she catches Poe doing what he does best: being a slut.  At this, she has *always* became extremely angry, and will start to verbally badger him in Japanese, in an unintelligible string of words rarely anyone can understand.  Because of this small quirk, she has made her brother absolutely terrified of her in this manner.  Aya is still always soft spoken and in the background, and will never fight unless her brother or Mirage is in danger. 




Real Name :  Tetsuki Oomaki

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black-Brown

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 800

Height: 6' 6"

Weight:  180 lbs

Main Color: Grey, Blue

Personality and Background: Poe is smooth, sensitive, and alluring, but at the same time forgetful, aloof, and smug.  Little can be said about his personality, for he is indeed the most charismatic of the small group.  He cannot stay away from the women, he needs sex like one must eat.  But, unlike most womanizers, Poe is far from "love'em and leave'em." Poe truly finds feeling in all the women he encounters, and treats them as if they are his one and only.  The only problem with this is the fact that he is bound to Mirage, both in obligation and in feeling.  He is normally very laid back and easy-going, but if there is even a hint of a threat against his sister Aya or Mirage, an inner rage will take over, and he will not stop until both sister and Master are safe.  Poe raised his sister from a young age, and Mirage entered their life soon after, and he has not been without them since.  He even took the curse of the form of a raven to protect the two of them, which is the origin of his nickname "Poe."


Mai Fate

Real Name:  Fate

Eyes:  White

Hair:: Fate

Nationality:  Grecian

Age: Ageless

Height: 5' 6"

Weight:  140 lbs

Main Color: Black Star field

Personality and Background: Fate is an enigmatic entity who first makes her appearance in Mirage's dream in the Introduction issue. She is very poetic in her phrases, and tends to like to use others to twist the world in a way that suits her. In truth, she is the Personification of Fate, and one of the hierarchy of the deity system of Reality.  Her full purpose is yet unknown, and the only portion of her plans that is known is that she wants to gain control of Mirage, but for what reason?



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