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Questions shall be added as submitted.  To submit a question, please contact me via e-mail, or leave a question in the guestbook.

Q: How do you make the comic?

        A: As of the moment, I don't use scripts, but I do plan on starting with the next issue.  First, I draw and ink it on basic computer paper, or sketch paper if I'm feeling froggy.  Then, I run it through PS7 for colorization and lettering.  For most of my special effects, I apply a series of filters and things I learned from Tutorials.  I supply a list of tutorials I've used in my Tutorial page under Enlightenment.

Q: Why do you do the comic?

        A: Because I can.  I have a story, and I want to tell it in every way humanly possible.  If I have to draw stick figures to get my point across, I am not above doing it.  The comic itself with have several physical changes to adapt to how I want the story to be taken, and will mimic many techniques that I have picked up along the way from reading other web comics and comics in general.

Q: Why do you have a cute fuzzy thing?  Aren't they overdone?

        A: Yes, for the most part, they are overdone.  But I admit, I wanted something cute, so I made it.  On a more serious note, the Ney'ko Kimi is actually an integral plot point, so if you don't like cute little fuzzy things, pay attention to the fan service.  If you like big ugly monsters, go here.

Q: Why does the Ney'ko Kimi look like a pokemon?

        A: That is because Pokemon has set such a horrible standard for Americans looking at Japanese animals, and anyone looking at a cute animal thinks it's a Pokemon.  Actually, the Ney'ko Kimi was originally conceptualized as my attempt to do a female Pikachu, but ended up taking a lilfe of her own.  Since then she has gone over three different makeovers and is how you see her.

Q: Will this comic have an ending, or is it on going?

        A: Like everything, it will have an ending, but the exact timing of that ending has not yet been determined.  Actually, this is the first story of a trilogy.

Q: Will there be actual violence?

        A: I didn't put a mature rating on this comic just for the sex, now did I?

Q: Is anyone going to die soon?

        A:  I will not dignify that with an answer.  You'll just have to hang on the edge of your computer chair and find out now, won't you?

Q:  Are you above fan service?

        A: I pride myself on humiliating my characters and putting them in the nude as much as humanly possible.  It's fun drawing people naked or close to it.

Q:  Why does Poe have a "Hit List?"

        A: Site gimmic.



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