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Luka "Fireball" Delaney

Rhonda Jezek

Meggan "Quartzfire" Koff

The very talented artist from the web comic "Kagerou: An Electric Manga" and a  high school friend of mine who first inspired the roots of Epi Del.  He is responsible for the initial character designs of Mirage, and is one of the driving forces behind keeping me doing my comic.

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Rhonda is an exceptionally amazing artist, and my best friend and soul mate.  She is currently an artist in Iowa, and putting together her own embroidery shop on Etsy with Fireball.  She is currently in the works of making her own web comic.

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I met Meggan (also known as Quartfire) on a comment board for one of Fireball's digital paintings.  Her and I quickly became friends, and  she is probably my first true fan beyond my family and friends.  She is currently working on her own web comic "Aurie: The Forbidden"

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~ Singular Artists ~

Maguro-Chan of DeviantArt Ney'ko-Kimi and Haru - A picture she drew for me featuring her Rabbit Haru and the Ney'ko-Kimi.  To date one of my favorite fan arts!
Frances "Hanako" Walker Essmarude through the brick wall - Hanako always had an unhealthy fixation with my demoness of sex, Ess.  She always loved to draw her in compromising positions.
Aya (A-yah) Aya (I-yah) - Drawn by an individual with the name name, just different pronunciations.  Back in high school when Aya didn't have the sexy kimono.
Silver-San Mirage Mermaid - Silver had drawn several images of Mirage for me, many of which were lost in the move from Nebraska to here.  This one is my favorate.
Penny B. Chibi - A girl in my "Adult Living" class drew this for me and it ended up looking very much like Chibi!


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