~ An Overview of Epi Del : Demowalker Website ~

It was brought to my attention that my website might be a bit hard to follow if you do not commonly read webcomics, so I have decided to create a small tutorial of sorts that outlines all of the specifics of this website that may confuse first time users.  If you would like to figure it out on your own, you can return to the main menu here

First, we'll cover the basic main bar that's above every page.  This is the main menu navigation bar.  The options on this bar are as follows: Epi Del Home Page, Archive, Enlighten, Artistic, Linkage, and Contact.  I will outline each of these one at a time, then I will cover how to navigate though the main page and navigation buttons in order to read the comic.

A~ Home ~ By Clicking on the "Epi Del : Demowalker, By ABR" title, (as outlined in yellow) it brings you back to the main index.

B ~ Archives ~ By clicking on the "Archives" links, it leads you to a calendar set up of all the comic pages sorted by date.  Soon there will be a chapter drop-down menu available once more issues are submitted.

C ~ Enlighten ~ This is the basic menu for all information pertaining to the Epi Del : Demowalker story, including the following-

        a )  Cast - A list of all the cast members, added as they appear in the comic.  This includes vital stats, and a basic summery of their known         background and personality.  Information in this section is added as the story progresses.

        b)  FAQ - A basic "Frequently Asked Questions" section, which features questions asked by the readers about the comic, that normally would not be found within the story.  This section expands as more questions are submitted through the community, the guestbook, or by contacting me through e-mail. (all found in the Contact section.)

        c)  Reality Overview - As the story progresses, this section shall expand with world maps, deity systems, back stories, and essays surrounding the world of Reality.  This will also include folk songs and legends that are encountered by the characters in the story.

        d)  Poe's Hit List - This is a fun section where readers can get their chance to make an appearance in the comic.  Utilizing one of the characters, Poe, I create quick romantic flirts based off friends, families and readers. This section will include all basic bios for any characters Poe has had a romantic interaction with, a link to the page or e-mail of the person who that character is based off of, and any images associtated with that character.  This will also feature a number of badges that show your love for our main man, Poe.

        e) Tutorials - Just as the title of this section proclaims, this section is a list of tutorials by both me and other individuals. Most of these tutorials have been used to create many of the effects and techniques used in this comic.  I do this as my own thanks to the people who created the tutorials, because they are very time consuming, but the outcome is great.  This section will be updates approximately as the comic is updated.

D ~ Artistic ~ This section currently contains three main points of artistic interest pertaining to this website..

        a) My DeviantArt Gallery ~ This is a link to my main art gallery, hosted on DeviantArt.

        b) Fan Art for Others ~  This section is for all art that I have done for other websites, and for any animes I happen to like.  Basically, it's mostly a place where I whore out other people's stuff in my art style.

        c) Gift Art for Me ~ As the title suggests, this is fan art that people have done for me.  Any links containing the names lead back to websites and e-mails if you like that person's art.

E ~ Linkage ~ This is the link page. Here you will find featured links, favorite links, general links, and banners you can use to link to me.

F ~ Contact ~  This section highlights the three ways you will be able to contact me.

        a) E-Mail ~ Contact me though e-mail

        b) LiveJournal Community ~ Join the LJ Community specifically geared for Epi Del - Demowalker Discussion

        c) Guestbook ~ Read/Sign the guestbook and let me know you were there!


~ Comic Navigation ~

Comic navigation is very simple on this site, and it uses four icons above and below the comic page for navigation.  Here are the following images.

- This will bring you to the very first page of Epi Del : Demowalker

- This takes you to the comic before the page you are currently viewing.

- This takes you to the comic after the page you are currently viewing.

- This takes you to the most currently uploaded page, located on the main index.


Well, that is about it, I hope this helps clear up any navigation problems you may have.  I shall add to this tutorial as the website grows.


Epi Del : Demowalker is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.

All Contents of this comic and this website are Amber Brooke Rimkus: Plagiarists will be shot and fed to the Ney'ko Kimi.